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Estimate your earned income

Your earned income under YEL is the value of your work input.  It has an impact on your pension and your other social security benefits. It is wise to take care of your earned income and your pension.

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Insurance contributions

Each YEL contribution increases your pension. And improves your other social security benefits. Your contributions are tax deductible.

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Pension and other social security

YEL insurance brings you security for your entire life – and beyond. If you lose your ability to work or the provider of your family, YEL insurance will help.

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Tools for the self-employed person

YEL calculator

The YEL calculator shows how the size of your earned income affects the price of YEL insurance. At the same time, you can compare how different payment options affect the size of your insurance contribution. Use the YEL calculator when you wish to have an estimate of your social security and future pension. Just enter in the YEL calculator an estimate of your earned income, your year of birth and the amount of pension you have already accured. By entering these pieces of information, you will receive the best possible estimate of your YEL insurance contribution, the amount of your pension and Kela's daily sickness allowance, basic daily allowance, parental allowance and earnings-related daily allowance.

Once you have checked the information, you can fill in the insurance application. This will take less than 10 minutes on our website.






YEL insurance contribution


YEL insurance contribution for new entrepreneurs*


* Discount 22 % for the first 4 years.

The sums are estimates calculated for the current year. The pension estimate is based on valid legislation and it takes into account the impact of the life expectancy coefficient. The pension estimate includes the accrued earnings-related pension if you have entered the information in the calculator.


Daily sickness allowance


Basic daily allowance


Income must be at least

Parental allowance


earnings-related daily allowance


Income must be at least

Estimate of old-age pension


Lowest pension age years months


Target pension age years months

Display instalment options

Number of instalments

Month for first instalment


    Due date YEL contribution New entrepreneur -22 %

    The number of instalments and due months affects the YEL contribution. The most economical way is to pay in one instalment in January.

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    Are you considering hiring a new employee?

    Our salary calculator helps you to get a sense of the incidental wage costs involved in hiring a new employee or a pay rise. The calculator uses rates for current year. 

    Fill in the employee´s data


    Breakdown of salary costs

    Employer´s contribution

    Due gross pay to the employee

    Total hourly wage 0,00 ?
    Holiday compensation 0,00 ?
    Total gross pay0,00

    Employer´s costs

    Health insurance contribution 0,00 ?
    Earnings-related contribution 0,00 ?
    Unemployment insurance contribution 0,00 ?
    Accident insurance contribution 0,00 ?
    Group life insurance 0,00 ?
    Total incidental costs0,00

    Employee´s contribution

    Costs to be withheld from salary

    Earnings-related contribution 0,00 ?
    Unemployment insurance contribution 0,00 ?
    Tax on income 0,00 ?
    Amount to be paid to the employee0,00

    The employer´s costs vary according to the sector of industry and the company´s size. The default values used in the calculator are averages. Verify the conclusive rates and contributions from the tax authorities, KELA, your insurance company and from the collective agreement of the branch in question.

    Apply for an online invoice

    Online invoicing speeds up the handling of invoices, saves costs for your company and is also eco-friendly.

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    A better working life


    When you feel good, you have the resources to do your job. If your work capacity weakens, apply for rehabilitation.