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News 16.11.2021

Earnings-related pension insurance contributions for 2022 confirmed

The Ministry for Social Affairs and Health has confirmed the earnings-related pension insurance contributions for 2022. The TyEL basic contribution will be 25.85 per cent of the payroll in 2022. For the majority of customers, this is an important percentage as Ilmarinen uses it to invoice customers each month based on the salaries they have reported.

The average level of earnings-related pension contributions will rise 0.45 percentage points in 2022. The need for the increase was agreed on earlier when reductions were made to TyEL contributions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The TyEL contribution is divided into the employee’s and the employer’s share. The employee’s share will remain on the same level as this year, i.e. 7.15 per cent for those aged under 53 and over 63, and 8.65 per cent for those aged 53–62.

The average pension insurance contribution proposed by the labour market organisations (24.85 per cent) that was publicised earlier, is also important for employers as it illustrates the general contribution level and offers an overview of differences between years.

The contribution for self-employed persons will remain the same as in 2021, i.e. 24.10 per cent for those aged under 53 and over 63 and 25.60 per cent for those aged 53–62. The YEL income is automatically adjusted annually with the wage coefficient. The wage coefficient will raise the YEL income by 2.45 per cent next year.

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News 9.3.2023

YEL income reviews will start this summer

The YEL reform entered into force in the beginning of the year. Pension companies are now obligated to check entrepreneurs' YEL incomes at steady intervals. We will start the reviews this summer – here’s what you need to know about it.

YEL income reviews will start this summer

Article 2.3.2023

When you move abroad it is very important to know which country’s social security you are covered by during the time you live in another country and what does it covers. It is also important to make sure all official documents – both statutory and possible additional insurances – are in order.

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