News 2.3.2022

Ilmarinen will not make new investments in Russia

Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company has decided that it will not make new direct investments in Russia or in Russian companies.

Ilmarinen expects its investment targets to comply with international norms that Russia has violated with a direct attack on Ukraine. In addition, Ilmarinen takes international sanctions into account in its investment activities.

At the moment, Ilmarinen has direct investments of approximately EUR 130 million in Russia, which is 0.2 per cent of Ilmarinen's EUR 60 billion of investment assets. Most of this amount consists of investments in Russian government loans. The amount also includes a minority share of a shopping centre property in St. Petersburg. In addition, Ilmarinen has indirect investments worth approximately EUR 40 million in Russia through its fund investments.

Ilmarinen does not have direct equity or corporate loan investments in Russian companies.

- The greatest suffering of the war is taken on by the Ukrainian people. From the perspective of pension investments, Ilmarinen's direct risks in Russia are minor. The greatest impacts on pension investments are indirect. They are caused by, for instance, sanctions and their effects on individual investment targets, rising energy and commodity prices, increasing market trepidation and possibly a long-term decrease in the growth rate of the world economy, explains Mikko Mursula, the Chief Investment Officer of Ilmarinen.

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Press release 7.10.2022

Biodiversity loss affects investment portfolios

Biodiversity needs to be taken into account in investment activities in the same way as climate change. Currently there are only few biodiversity roadmaps available in Finland or globally. We want to contribute to creating new investor approaches says Karoliina Lindroos, Head of Responsible Investment at Ilmarinen.

Biodiversity loss affects investment portfolios

Press release 13.9.2022

Ilmarinen’s energy saving tips reach over 15,000 people

Ilmarinen is part of the ‘Astetta alemmas’ energy saving campaign. “We save energy in our premises and provide our employees and tenants with energy saving tips. Responsible measures reduce the carbon footprint of our real estate,” says Tomi Aimonen, Head of Domestic Real Estate Investments.

Ilmarinen’s energy saving tips reach over 15,000 people
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