Terms of use for the online services

On this page you can find the terms of use for Ilmarinen's online services.

1. General information

These terms of use for the online services are applied when a Customer uses the electronic services (“Services”) offered by Mutual Pension Insurance Company Ilmarinen (“Ilmarinen”).

Use of Ilmarinen’s Services is subject to compliance with these terms of use for the online services. By using the Services, the Customer agrees to be bound by the terms of use that are valid at any given time.

The terms of use of Ilmarinen’s website are applied to the use of Ilmarinen’s public website.

2. Customer

Customer shall mean, depending on the Service, either a private customer or corporate customer (together “Customer”). The same terms apply to all Customers, generally speaking, but if the terms differ for private and corporate customers, this is clearly stated in the terms by referring to a private customer and a corporate customer.

Private customers mean private individuals using the Services.

Corporate customers mean Ilmarinen’s policyholders using Ilmarinen’s Services and their authorised parties.

3. Service provider

The main service provider of the Services is Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company (0107638-1).

Visiting address: Porkkalankatu 1, Helsinki

Postal address: Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company 00018 ILMARINEN

Phone exchange: +358 10 284 11

Ilmarinen can also use third parties in providing the Services.

4. Contentsof the services

Ilmarinen’s Services include different insurance, pension, rehabilitation and work ability management services offered online. The provided Services and their contents are described on Ilmarinen’s website and in the online environment of the Service in question.

The Services provided to private customers include, among others, the following services in accordance with their specifications that may provide more detail than these terms:

  • MyPension-service

The Services provided to corporate customers include, among others, the following services in accordance with their specifications that may provide more detail than these terms:

  • Online service
  • Insurance application service
  • Information service for employers, Ohjaamo
  • Work ability management survey and research tools
  • Work ability management online learning environment
  • Work ability management project support
  • Risk survey
  • Expert service in work ability management
  • Work Ability Risk Profile
  • Sales service
  • Broker service
  • Ilmarinen’s housing application service

Ilmarinen may change the terms, contents and selection of the Services.

5. Authentication and registration in the services

5.1 Private customers

Private customers log in to the Services with their personal online banking credentials or a mobile certificate.

5.2 Corporate customers

Of the corporate customers, employer customers gain access to the Services by ordering credentials from Ilmarinen in the manner prescribed by Ilmarinen.

Of the corporate customers, YEL policyholders log in to the Services with their personal banking credentials. Corporate customers can consolidate their insurance under the credentials they receive from Ilmarinen by logging in to the Services and sending Ilmarinen a message.

6. Terms of use for the service

Use of the Services is based either on personal or customer-specific user rights. Ilmarinen reserves the right to determine which user rights can be used in which Service.

6.1 Private customers

When using the Services intended for private customers, the private customer represents themselves or a person they represent.

6.2 Corporate customers

Individuals who the corporate customer has notified Ilmarinen of in the application concerning taking the Service into use have the right, as the corporate customer’s representative, to use the Services. The corporate customer specifies which of the corporate customer’s individuals will have user rights to the Service and the scope or limits of the user rights given to them. The corporate customer has the right, while the user agreement is valid, to apply for additional user rights to the Services by notifying Ilmarinen of the authentication information of the new users.

Ilmarinen will provide the users named by the corporate customer with user IDs and passwords for the Services. The user IDs shall be sent to the corporate customer and the passwords to the user named by the corporate customer, to the customer’s contact details contained in Ilmarinen’s customer register. Ilmarinen can, if necessary, renew the user ID and/or password by providing the corporate customer/user with the new information. The user ID and password must always be renewed when a named user changes.

A corporate customer is responsible for all of the measures that the individuals with user rights have made within the scope and validity of their user rights.

6.3 Accounting firms and brokers

The accounting firms and brokers that manage Ilmarinen’s corporate customers have the right to seek user rights to the Services with respect to their corporate customer if the assignment contract between the accounting firm and the corporate customer or broker allows it. The Services’ user agreement enters into effect between the accounting firm and Ilmarinen or the broker and Ilmarinen according to the same procedure as stated above concerning the agreement between the corporate customer and Ilmarinen.

The accounting firm’s and broker’s right to use the Services with respect to each corporate customer additionally requires consent to use the Service from the person/persons who has/have the right to sign for the corporate customer’s company. The corporate customer’s rights and obligations laid down in this user agreement also apply to the accounting firm and broker. An accounting firm or broker must notify Ilmarinen of the end of their assignment relationship without delay, so that the Service can be terminated.

7. User ID and password

If the corporate customer’s right to use named Services expires or a person with user rights changes, the corporate customer must notify Ilmarinen of the change without delay, so that Ilmarinen can remove the user ID. Ilmarinen may remove a user ID that has not been used for the Services in a year.

If the authentication information that enables the use of the Services falls into the hands of an outsider, or if the corporate customer has reason to believe such has happened, the corporate customer is obligated to notify Ilmarinen thereof without delay, and Ilmarinen will remove the user ID and may shut down the Service if necessary. The corporate customer and the users are liable for any possible damage caused by the unauthorised use of the user ID and password or by the user ID and password falling into the hands of an outsider.

8. Customer's obligations

The Customer is responsible for complying with these terms of use. The Customer is also responsible for not using the Services in a manner that is in violation of the law or good practices or places an unnecessary load on the Service.

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the Customer does not send any material that is illegal, inappropriate, contains viruses or is otherwise harmful.

The Customer is bound by any legal transactions, assignments, expressions of will and notifications that the Customer performs in the Services.

The Customer is responsible for the correctness of the information that the Customer provides in the Services and is obligated to inform Ilmarinen of a change in contact details without delay.

9. Intellectual property rights

The Services’ intellectual property rights belong to Ilmarinen or a third party, unless otherwise stated.

The copying, use, replication, modification, borrowing, forwarding and other use of the material in any form whatsoever, even partially, is prohibited without Ilmarinen’s explicit written consent, unless otherwise explicitly mentioned in the special terms and conditions related to specific material or services on the website.

10. Limitations of liability

Ilmarinen is not responsible for direct or indirect damage or costs or losses related to the use of the Services, which result from the use of the Services or not being able to use the Services or damages related to these. Ilmarinen does not guarantee the disturbance-free use of the Services.

Ilmarinen is not responsible for the operation, service breaks or disturbances of the functionalities (such as mobile certificates) related to the Services, which are produced by third parties. These are subject to any terms of use that each service provider may have.

11. Processing of personal data and information security

Ilmarinen processes personal data carefully in accordance with legislation and ensures the protection of privacy in the handling of such data. For further information on the processing of personal data, go to Ilmarinen’s data protection page, and for more information on information security, go to Ilmarinen’s information security page.

12. Cookies

The Services use cookies and other similar technologies. Read more about the use of cookies on Ilmarinen’s data protection page.

13. Equipment, software and connections

The Customer shall purchase, at its own expense, the equipment, software and other telecommunication lines required to use the Services and shall be responsible for their operation and maintenance costs, as well as for their compatibility with the Services.

Ilmarinen and the Customer are each responsible for the information security of their own information systems.

14. Interruption of the services

Ilmarinen has the right to interrupt the provision of the Services if the customer’s equipment, software or communications compromise the security of the Services or threaten the safety of the Services for other reasons. Ilmarinen has the right, without delay and without prior notice, to interrupt or prevent use of the website that violates these terms of use.

In addition, Ilmarinen has the right to interrupt the offering of the Services or to restrict access to the Services if such is necessary due to the Service, a technical change to the Service or the reform of the Service, or due to installation, modification and maintenance work on the general communications network. Ilmarinen is not liable for damage caused by the shutting down or interruption of the Services. Ilmarinen has the right to make changes to the Services’ functions.

15. Changes and assignment of the agreement

Ilmarinen has the right to change the Services and their contents, as well as these terms of use for the online services and the requirements set for the equipment and software required for using the Services. Ilmarinen shall report any material changes to the Customer within a reasonable time period on Ilmarinen’s website or through the Services.

Ilmarinen has the right to assign the provision of the Services to another company, which is wholly or partly, directly or indirectly owned by Ilmarinen or to a third party in connection with the sale of assets or a corporate transaction that applies to the Services.

16. Validity

The right to use the Services ends when the Customer’s customer relationship or the temporary user rights that have been granted expire. A corporate customer can notify Ilmarinen of the termination of the user rights of its organisation’s users at any time. Ilmarinen is entitled to stop offering the Services at a time of its choosing.

17. Applicable law and dispute resolution

Finnish law shall apply to these online services terms of use for the online services, with the exception of its provisions concerning conflicts of law.

17.1 Dispute resolution when the customer is a private customer

Disputes arising from these terms of use shall be resolved in the District Court of Helsinki or in the district court of a locality in Finland in whose jurisdiction the private customer has a domicile or permanent residence.

17.2 Dispute resolution when the customer is a corporate customer

Disputes arising from these terms of use shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Finland Chamber of Commerce. The number of arbitrators shall be one, the seat of arbitration shall be Helsinki, Finland and the language of the arbitration shall be Finnish.