Terms of use for the online services

On this page you can find the terms of use for Ilmarinen's online services.

General information

These terms of use for the online services (“Terms of Use”) are applied when a Customer or User uses the electronic services (“Services”) offered online by Mutual Pension Insurance Company Ilmarinen (“Ilmarinen”).

Use of Ilmarinen’s Services is subject to compliance with the Terms of Use. Ilmarinen’s Services, which are subject to specific terms, are primarily governed by the specific terms and secondarily by the Terms of Use. The terms of use for Ilmarinen’s website are applied to the use of Ilmarinen’s public website.

The Terms of Use enter into force when the Customer or the Service user authorised by them accepts the terms. The Terms are valid until further notice, and Ilmarinen has the unilateral right to change them if the services or their contents change. By using the Services, the Customer also commits to comply with the agreement terms for the online services valid at any given time.

2. Definitions

2.1 Customer

Customer means, depending on the Service, either a private or corporate customer (both “Customer”).

Private customers means private individuals using the Services.
Corporate customers means Ilmarinen’s policyholders using the Services.

2.2 User

User means the Customers using the Service, their representatives and the persons authorised by them.

3. Service provider

The main service provider of the Services is Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company (0107638-1).

Location: Porkkalankatu 1, Helsinki
Address: Keskinäinen Eläkevakuutusyhtiö Ilmarinen 00018 ILMARINEN
Phone: 010 284 11

Ilmarinen can also use third parties in providing the Services.

4. Contents of the Services

Ilmarinen’s Services include different insurance, pension, rehabilitation and work ability management services offered online. The provided Services and their contents are described on Ilmarinen’s website and in the online environment of the Service in question.

The Services provided to Customers are listed on the descriptions of online services:

Other online services include for example insurance application service, sales service, work ability management project support and Ilmarinen's housing application service.

Each User has access to the Services that are covered by their access rights. Ilmarinen may change the terms of use, contents and selection of the Services.

5. Identification in the services

Logging in to Ilmarinen’s online service takes place through identification using strong electronic identification (online banking codes or mobile certificate). Foreign customer companies log in to the Services using the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s Finnish Authenticator service.

If the Customer and the Service user are different parties, the Customer shall authorise the user to use the Service on their behalf. Carrying out transactions in Ilmarinen’s services on behalf of another party requires that the Customer or a party authorised by them has authorised the user in the Suomi.fi e-Authorizations service.

A corporate customer can authorise their employee or another person or a company, association or other organisation (for example an accounting agency) to act on their behalf by authorising them in the Suomi.fi e-Authorizations service. The authorised person logs in to Ilmarinen’s Service using their own online banking codes, whereby the information of the authorisation is transmitted to the Service to be used.

When a user acts on behalf of a company, the user can also act based on information entered in the Trade Register or the Business Information System concerning their role as a decision-maker, in which case a separate mandate is not required.

6. User's obligations

The User of the Service is responsible for complying with these terms of use. The User is also responsible for not using the Services in a manner that is in violation of the law or good practices or which places an unnecessary load on the Service.

The User is responsible for not sending, through the website, any material that is illegal, inappropriate, contains viruses or is otherwise harmful. When using Ilmarinen’s Services, confidential information is subject to the level of care that is required by the sensitive nature of the data.

The User is responsible for the correctness of the information provided by them in the Services.

7. Intellectual property rights

The Services’ intellectual property rights belong to Ilmarinen or a third party, unless otherwise stated.

The copying, use, replication, modification, borrowing, forwarding and other use of the material in any form whatsoever, even partially, is prohibited without Ilmarinen’s explicit written consent, unless otherwise explicitly mentioned on the website concerning specific material or in the specific terms and conditions related to the services.

8. Processing of personal data and information security

Ilmarinen manages pension provision under the Employees Pensions Act (TyEL) and the Self-Employed Persons Pensions Act (YEL) as a statutory pension provider. Ilmarinen processes and maintains the Customer’s personal data in the aforementioned task.

Through the online services, Ilmarinen discloses to the Customer the Customer’s employees’ personal data to the extent permitted by the earnings-related pension acts for the Customer’s financial and HR administration. The Customer acts as a controller when processing personal data related to earnings-related pension insurance and earnings-related pensions disclosed by Ilmarinen as part of its financial and HR administration. The Customer commits to use the personal data received by them through the service only to the extent necessary for managing their financial and HR administration and for reviewing the earnings-related pension insurance contribution.

Ilmarinen processes personal information carefully in accordance with legislation and ensures the protection of privacy in the handling of such data. The information collected in the Services is saved in Ilmarinen’s personal data registers, and the information is used only for the purposes specified in the privacy statements. For further information on the processing of personal information, go to Ilmarinen’s data protection page, and for more information on information security, go to Ilmarinen’s information security page.

Ilmarinen and the Customer are each responsible for the information security of their own information systems. Ilmarinen is not liable for damage caused to the Customer by factors that threaten information security, such as computer viruses.

9. Cookies

The Services use cookies and other similar technologies. Read more about the use of cookies on Ilmarinen’s data protection page.

10. Interruption of the Services

Ilmarinen strives to make the service available to the customer with as few interruptions as possible. However, Ilmarinen has the right to interrupt the provision of the Services if the security of the Services is at risk, for the time required for updating and maintenance measures, or otherwise if the situation so requires.

11. Limitations of liability

Ilmarinen is not responsible for direct or indirect damage or costs or losses related to the use of the Services which result from the use of the Services or not being able to use the Services or damage related to these. Ilmarinen does not guarantee the disturbance-free use of the Services.

Ilmarinen is not responsible for the operation, service breaks or disturbances of third-party functionalities (such as an identification service) related to the service. These are subject to any terms of use that each service provider may have.

12. Amendments

Ilmarinen has the right to change the Services and their contents, and the requirements set for the hardware and software required for using the Services. Ilmarinen shall report any material changes to the Customer and the User within a reasonable time period on Ilmarinen’s website or through the Services.

Ilmarinen has the right to change the Terms of Use if the Services or their contents change or due to other significant changes.

13. Validity

The right to use the Services ends when the Customer’s customer relationship ends. The right to use the Services also ends when the User’s mandate ends. Ilmarinen is also entitled to stop offering the Services at a time of its choosing.

14. Applicable law

These terms of use for the online services are governed by Finnish law.