Au pairs as employees

Are you planning on hiring a foreign au pair to help you around the house and in childcare? Au pairs arriving from outside the EU must apply for a residence permit from Finland and prove that they have an interest in the Finnish language or culture.

Au pairs in Finland 

The purpose of an au pair position is to give a young person (aged 17–30 years) the opportunity to learn the country’s language and culture in return for some light housework. The purpose of the au pair position is not to hire an employee for the household. It is permitted to have the au pair perform light housework for no more than 25 hours per week. Au pairs can live in Finland for a maximum of one year.

Hiring an au pair creates an employment relationship

However, hiring an au pair creates an employment relationship, so it is a good idea to sign a written contract with the au pair, which includes the employment terms. The most important thing when hiring an au pair is mutual trust. Unlike in other countries, employers of au pairs in Finland must pay employer costs.

You must also report the information on the wages you have paid to the au pair to the Incomes Register. All of the information must be reported, regardless of the amount of payments – there is no lower euro limit. Deduct income tax or tax at source from the au pair’s wages in accordance with the tax card’s instructions.

Residence permit application

The au pair applies for the residence permit using a form.

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