Rehabilitation or disability pension?

If your work capacity declines, apply for rehabilitation. And if you are prevented entirely from working due to an illness or injury, apply for disability pension.

Your work capacity may weaken and you may have to take a long sick leave. Vocational rehabilitation can support you in getting back to work. It can help you to, for example, return to your old job by, say, reducing your working hours. If rehabilitation sounds like a suitable option, apply for it.

If rehabilitation does not prove useful and you are forced to stop working entirely, apply for disability pension.

Who is disability pension for?

You can receive disability pension when you have not reached your retirement age yet. And when your work capacity has weakened due to an illness or injury for at least a year. The extent to which the illness has weakened your work capacity is assessed by Ilmarinen’s insurance physician. 

When assessing the decline of your work capacity, we take into account your remaining work capacity, which is affected by your age, education and competence based on your work experience, among other things. If you have turned 60, your work capacity is assessed based on the job you have performed last, with the length of your employment and coping at work also taken into account.

After the pension reform in 2017 the age limit for disability pension will rise gradually. In future, an alternative to disability pension could be the new years-of-service pension. 

Fixed-term or continuous pension

You can receive either fixed-term or continuous disability pension. The fixed-term disability pension is the same as cash rehabilitation benefit. You receive it when Ilmarinen’s insurance physician assesses that your ability to work will be weakened for a fixed period. 

There are two types of continuous disability pension: partial disability pension and full disability pension. You can be granted a partial disability pension when your work capacity has partially diminished due to an illness or injury.

Apply for disability pension

Apply for disability pension using an application. Fill in the application and include information on your work capacity. Also let us know if you receive accident compensation or have applied for it. You will also require a doctor’s statement for the application. Send the application to us along with any attachments. 

Apply while you are still on sick leave and receive daily sickness allowance. You will receive your decision on time before your daily allowance ends. If your daily sickness allowance ends, however, and you have not yet received our decision, register as a job seeker with the employment and business office (TE office) in order to receive unemployment allowance. 

When we have carried out an assessment of your work capacity, you will receive a decision within two months of when we receive your application.

Fixed-term cash rehabilitation benefit

You can be granted temporary disability pension or cash rehabilitation benefit when our assessment shows that your work capacity will improve.  

You will receive cash rehabilitation benefit during your rehabilitation. Which is the time it will take you to regain your work capacity. This is the case when, for example, your recovery from an illness takes at least one year and you do not receive daily sickness allowance. Your cash rehabilitation benefit will usually begin at the beginning of the month following the end of your daily sickness allowance.

Preliminary decision

If you continue to work but feel that your work capacity has decreased, apply for partial disability pension from us. Fill in an application and send it to us together with a doctor’s statement. We will then provide you with a preliminary decision stating whether you are eligible for partial disability pension and how large your pension will be. You will also be given information on how much you can earn each month in addition to your pension. The preliminary pension decision will be in force for nine months. You will receive instructions for applying for partial disability pension. 

Partial disablity pension or full disability pension?

You can receive partial disability pension when your work capacity has declined to at least two fifths of what it is at the moment. If you work while on a partial pension you will receive pay in addition to pension. You can also receive partial disability pension when you are unemployed and receive unemployment allowance. In that case, your daily allowance will be reduced.  

You will receive full disability pension if it is unlikely that rehabilitation or the treatment you receive will help you to regain your work capacity. And when your work capacity has declined by at least three fifths of its current level. Pension payments will usually begin when the daily allowance you receive from health insurance has ended. 

Partial disability pension and full disability pension are always granted for the time being. Until you begin receiving old-age pension. Disability pension will automatically transform into old-age pension without application when you reach your retirement age. If, however, your work capacity is restored partially or entirely, please contact Ilmarinen.

Working while on disability pension

It is great if you can still work despite a lower work capacity. Working supports your rehabilitation, so you can perform some work without it decreasing the pension you receive. How much you can work depends on what your personal earnings limit is. The limit is stated in the pension decision you received. The amount of work you perform also depends on what disability pension you receive. Your earned income is the measure of how much work you do. 

If you are on full disability pension, you cannot earn more than 40% of the amount your average earned income was preceding your retirement. Otherwise it will have an impact on your pension.

On partial disability pension the limit is 60%. However, regardless of the kind of disability pension you are on, you can earn a specified amount per month. In 2020, the amount is EUR 834.52 per month.

If the earnings limit is exceeded, the payment of your disability pension may be interrupted, suspended or a full disability pension changed into a partial pension. A pension may be suspended for at least three months and for no more than two years.  

If your work changes, please call us. We will check whether the change will affect your pension. Our customer service can be contacted at +358 10 284 2011.