Did you receive a vocational rehabilitation decision without applying for it?

If you applied to us for a disability pension, you may also have received a preliminary decision on vocational rehabilitation in addition to the disability pension decision. Rehabilitation will help you return to a job suited to your health. We will provide you with financial support during your rehabilitation.

Returning to working life through vocational rehabilitation

The objective of vocational rehabilitation is to enable you to continue in working life or return to work after sick leave. If you received a vocational rehabilitation decision from us, take a look at the various means available.

The means are

  1. work trial
  2. job coaching
  3. apprenticeship training
  4. partial qualifications or vocational retraining
  5. business subsidy.

If you are returning to work from a long period of sick leave, a work trial may help you. A work trial is the most popular means of vocational rehabilitation. It allows you to try out working with a lighter workload and adapted tasks. Work trials usually last between 3 and 6 months. If you are interested in a work trial, bring it up with your employer and your occupational health care service. You can be paid a salary by your employer or a cash rehabilitation benefit by us during your work trial.

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We will help you plan your rehabilitation

If you do not have an employment relationship or you are unable to continue to do your old work and your employer cannot offer you other work that suits your health, we can help you plan a new career path.

If necessary, you will be assisted by a career coach, whom you will meet regularly. The career coach will assist you in planning your new career, which means that he or she will help you make your rehabilitation plan. You will need one when your vocational rehabilitation starts. The career coach will assist you in finding a work trial place and planning your studies. The service is free of charge for you.

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Contact us, we will be happy to help

When you have received a positive vocational rehabilitation decision from us, we will assign you a dedicated rehabilitation specialist. He or she will be your contact person who will help you get started with your vocational rehabilitation and make progress. Contact your rehabilitation specialist to discuss your situation in more detail and agree on the next steps. You can find the contact details of your dedicated rehabilitation specialist in the preliminary vocational rehabilitation decision you have received. The decision is also available in our online service under ‘My documents’.

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