Apprenticeship training

Apprenticeship training is one of the forms of study that we support as vocational rehabilitation. Apprenticeship training allows you to complete any upper secondary vocational qualification. At the same time, you will carry out work related to your studies and receive a salary. The objective is for you to find a job that is suitable for your state of health after the apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship training allows you to complete a qualification

During apprenticeship training, you will study and carry out work related to your studies for a salary. A substantial part of your studies will take place at the workplace. Agree on your studies with the apprenticeship centre and conclude an agreement on your apprenticeship training. Conclude a fixed-term employment contract with your employer.

Apprenticeship training allows you to complete the same basic, vocational and specialist vocational qualifications as contact teaching. Apprenticeship training usually lasts 2–3 years.

Apprenticeship training also allows you to complete a partial qualification, i.e. increase your skills through further training. You can complete one or several partial qualifications.

Previous training and education and work experience will shorten your studies

When you start your apprenticeship training, you will draw up a personal competence development plan together with your school. It takes into account your previous educational background and work experience, which usually impact the duration of the studies.

Draw up an apprenticeship agreement in writing with the apprenticeship training centre. Include in the agreement

  • the information concerning the qualification to be completed, its dates and duration
  • the information concerning the contact and distance studies that you will complete while working
  • the employer’s contact details and information on the agreed work tasks.

You will receive a salary for the apprenticeship training period

Apprenticeship training is free of charge for you. Your employer will pay you a salary in accordance with the collective agreement for the duration of your apprenticeship training.

When we support your apprenticeship training as vocational rehabilitation, your employer can apply for your rehabilitation allowance to be paid to him or her. To apply for the rehabilitation allowance, your employer should fill in the rehabilitation allowance application. The rehabilitation allowance to be paid to your employer can be no more than your salary. If your rehabilitation allowance is higher than your salary, we will pay you the difference between the rehabilitation allowance and the salary. Read more about the rehabilitation allowance.

Apprenticeship training plan

If you intend to apply for apprenticeship training, tell us about it in your rehabilitation plan. The plan will be attached to your rehabilitation application. You can also send it to us later, once we have sent you a positive preliminary decision on your vocational rehabilitation.

When the apprenticeship training starts

When we have approved your rehabilitation plan, and your studies start, submit to us

  • a copy of the apprenticeship agreement
  • a study certificate, filled in by your school on our website
  • your tax card so that we can withhold the right amount of tax on your rehabilitation allowance
  • the rehabilitation allowance application filled in by your employer.