Ilmarinen’s KPIs

This page features Ilmarinen’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for personnel.

Ilmarinen monitors these key figures quarterly or annually


  • Number of personnel
  • Person years (excl. summer internees and hourly workers)/annual cost per person year, euros
  • Purchased development resources (person years/annual cost, euros)
  • Turnover (voluntary)
  • Employment relationships ended (permanent, incl. retirement)
  • Employment relationships begun (permanent)


  • Personnel costs (euros per year)
  • Personnel costs, per cent of total operating expenses
  • Overtime costs (euros per year)
  • Recruitment costs (euros per year)
  • Actual costs of lost labour input (euros per year)

Energy level

  • Personnel’s overall work energy (1–5)
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Smoothness of co-operation (1–5)
  • Assessment of supervisory work (1–5)

Work ability

  • Sick leave percentage
  • Health percentage (% of personnel with no absences due to illness)
  • Breakdown of Kela 1/Kela 2 reimbursed occupational health service costs (%, share of costs reimbursed by Kela)
  • Work-related occupational health service visits (% of all visits)
  • Number of long (> 30-day) absences (person/month)
  • Personnel’s assessment of their work ability (1–5)
  • Workplace and commuting accidents (number, workplace/commute)


  • Existence of development plans
  • Training costs (euros/person/year)