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We want to continue supporting our customers during challenging times

If you're having difficulties making your pension insurance payments, we urge you to contact us in good time to discuss your options. We evaluate every situation on a case-by-case basis. Payments cannot be suspended altogether, but we'll try to make flexible arrangements for you to the extent possible.

For self-employed persons

You can see your current payment situation by logging in to our online service using your personal online banking codes. In the service, you can see your paid and unpaid YEL contributions and request a payment extension. Be sure to make the request before the invoice’s due date.

If you need help resolving your payment difficulties, our customer service is also happy to support you.

Is your YEL income up to date?

Remember to update your YEL income if there have been changes in your work input. For example, if you go from being a part-time entrepreneur to a full-time entrepreneur or expand your entrepreneurial activities, raise your YEL income. On the other hand, if you work less in your company than before, lower your YEL income. When you change your YEL income, you also change your pension and social security as well as your YEL insurance contribution.

You can use our YEL calculator to see how the change in YEL income affects your social security.

You cannot change your YEL income retroactively, so it is advisable to react to changes in your entrepreneurial activities right away. Your YEL income must always correspond to your work input, even during exceptional periods.  

For employers

Be sure to check the due dates of your TyEL invoices in our online service. You can request a payment extension for your TyEL invoices online, but be sure to make the request before the invoice’s due date. We will charge interest (8%) for the extended payment period, as required by law. Depending on the amount, the interest will either be added to your next invoice or sent as a separate invoice.

You can change the due dates of your upcoming TyEL invoices

You can postpone the due dates of future TyEL invoices online. Ordinarily, TyEL insurance contributions fall due on the last day of the month following the date on which the salaries or wages were paid. In our online service, you can change the TyEL contribution to fall due in the second month following the payment of salaries or wages. In this case, a 2% insurance contribution interest will be added for the second month.

If you want to negotiate a longer extension for your payments, please contact our customer service for TyEL invoicing. We assess every situation on a case-by-case basis and will try to find a solution to help you make your payments. We urge you to contact us in good time to discuss your options.

Get started with our online service

If you don’t have a user ID for our online service yet, please fill in our online service agreement and send it to us via a secure email.

Online service agreement for employers and accounting firms (PDF)

Why are pension contributions collected and paid?

Our primary task is to ensure that our customers receive the pension they earned from employment. The pension contributions that are collected now are mostly used to pay out current pensions. Pension contributions are collected from employers, employees and the self-employed. A small proportion of pensions are financed with the returns earned on the invested pension funds.

Contact us

Our customer service is available by phone during weekdays at the number +358 10 195 000.

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