News 12.4.2024

Coming this year: electronic YEL invoices to be sent automatically

In future, we will be sending electronic YEL invoices automatically if the payer of the invoice is a company that receives online invoices.

Good news for entrepreneurs! We are taking a major leap in the battle against paper waste: going forward, we will be sending most YEL invoices electronically. That means you will receive your YEL invoice as an online invoice if the payer of your invoice is a company and your online invoicing address can be found in TIEKE’s e-invoice address registry.

We will make the change gradually over the course of the year, and it will affect most of our self-employed customers. No action is required from you. The change will take place automatically, and you will be informed of it ahead of time.

If you are already an online invoice user, you will receive your invoice the same way as before. However, be sure to inform us of any changes, for instance, if your online invoicing address changes.

Why online invoicing?

An electronic invoice is a better choice than paper in many ways. It saves nature, time and money. Online invoices are also a safe way to take care of invoicing. In the transmissions between online invoice operators, both the recipient and the sender are authenticated, which reduces the risk of fraud. 

What is an online invoice?

An online invoice is an electronic invoice that is transmitted to your company’s invoice processing system. You receive online invoices after agreeing on them with your online invoice operator. In addition to online invoices, e-invoices are another form of electronic invoicing. Unlike online invoices, e-invoices are sent to your personal online bank.

What is TIEKE’s e-invoice address registry?

TIEKE’s e-invoice address registry is a search engine that contains the e-invoice addresses of all Finnish organisations. The information in the registry is maintained by Finnish online invoice intermediaries, i.e. operators and banks.


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