Digital services – terms of use

On this page you can read the terms and conditions of Ilmarinen's digital services.

1.1 Application of the terms

These terms of use (hereinafter “Terms”) apply to Ilmarinen’s digital services (hereinafter “Services”). Digital services in this context means online services, electronic signature services and chat communication. The user of the service is defined as the Customer, which may be a natural or legal person. Ilmarinen’s services subject to special terms are primarily governed by the special terms and secondarily by these general terms.

Use of Ilmarinen’s Services is subject to compliance with these Terms. By using the Services, the Customer commits to comply with the Terms that are valid at any given time. Ilmarinen may change the Terms, contents and selection of the Services.

The agreement is governed by Finnish law. Disputes arising from the agreement shall be resolved in the District Court of Helsinki.

The Customer is responsible for the correctness of the information that the Customer provides in the Services and is obligated to inform Ilmarinen of a change in name and address information without delay. When using Ilmarinen’s Services, confidential information is subject to the level of care that is required by the sensitive nature of the data.

The Customer is responsible for knowing the responsibilities and obligations arising from the Terms of Use for Ilmarinen’s Services. The Customer is responsible for the consequences of the inappropriate use of the Service.

A Customer who has been electronically authenticated is bound by any legal transactions, assignments, expressions of will and notifications that the Customer performs in Ilmarinen’s Services.

Ilmarinen has the right to produce and change the Services and their contents, as well as these Terms. 

Ilmarinen has the right to interrupt the Services or to restrict access to them if such is necessary due to the Service, a technical change to the Service or the reform of the Service, or due to installation, modification and maintenance work on the general communications network. The aim is to keep the restricted access short term and to time it such that it causes the least inconvenience possible.

Ilmarinen can, if necessary, renew the user ID and/or password by providing the customer with the new information. Ilmarinen has the right to remove the Customer’s user ID from its registers after more than one year of non-use.

Ilmarinen is not liable for damage caused by the use of the Services, by not being able to use the Services or by the termination of the agreement. The information and material presented on this website cannot be considered as a binding offer, solicitation or other commitment by Ilmarinen unless stated otherwise. Ilmarinen is not responsible for material produced or published by a third party that is referred to in the Services.

The content of Ilmarinen’s Services is the property of Ilmarinen (or a third party), and Ilmarinen or the other parties producing the information own the copyrights to the material included in the Services. The copying, use, replication, modification, borrowing, forwarding and other use of the material in any form whatsoever, even partially, is prohibited without Ilmarinen’s explicit written consent, unless otherwise explicitly mentioned in the special terms and conditions related to specific material or services on the website.

Ilmarinen processes personal data carefully in accordance with legislation and ensures the protection of privacy in the handling of such data. Data collected in services requiring registration is stored in Ilmarinen’s person data registers, and the information is used only for the purposes specified in the register descriptions. Read more about Ilmarinen’s data protection.

The right to use the Services ends when the customer relationship or the temporary user rights that have been granted expire.

The main service provider of the Services is Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company
Visiting address
Porkkalankatu 1, Helsinki

Postal address
Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company
Phone exchange
+358 10 284 11

Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company is registered in the trade register. The company’s Business ID is 0107638-1.