Striving for the best customer experience

Ilmarinen is a mutual employment pension insurance company owned by its clients – taking care of our clients’ pension cover and pension assets is the cornerstone of our corporate responsibility. Our objective is to serve our customers as well as possible to ensure the easy and straightforward management of their matters. We strive for the best possible customer experience within insurance services, pension services and wellbeing at work services and we focus on developing digital services.

Managing pension cover

Our basic task is to ensure that the personnel of our client companies receive the pension they earned from employment. The earnings-related pension system is a key component of Finnish social security and thus directly impacts the well-being of Finns.

We are responsible for the pension cover of close to 1,2 million Finns. We provide insurance for more than 70,000 self-employed persons and for more than 70,000 companies which employ in total more than 600 000 people. We pay out pensions to almost a half a million people.

Our goals is to make dealing with us even faster and easier for our customers. In pension services, we pay particular attention to the processing time of pension applications and we try to give the pension decisions in time so that there is no disruptions to the applicant's income.

Services for extending careers

In addition to statutory rehabilitation services, customers expect Ilmarinen to have more and more expertise in developing work capacity management practices and the quality of working life. Through systematic co-operation we reduce the disability risks of our client companies and support the management of personnel costs and productive work. By collaborating extensively with our customers we also contribute to extending work careers.

Detailed guidelines and specifications have been drawn up for work capacity activities at Ilmarinen. The activities are always based on an estimate of the client's disability risk and the actual need for work capacity management services. We set goals and indicators for every co-operation project and we pay particular attention to cost management.

Take a look at our disability risk management policy.

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