Ethical principles in business

Ethical principles in business guide everyone at Ilmarinen to act responsibly. At Ilmarinen, compliance with business ethics and regulations is ensured, among other things, by Compliance function, guidelines for sustainable customer work, and good data protection.

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Good governance and sustainability are the foundation for Ilmarinen's operations. Complying with regulations, principles and values is an important part of all of the company's functions. That is why we have a Compliance Officer in charge of Compliance function to support the management and Board of Directors in arranging reliable governance and to ensure compliance with regulations within the company.

Ilmarinen's way of operating is determined in our Code of Conduct. Compliance with the Code of Conduct is required of each and every Ilmarinen employee. The Compliance Officer arranges Code of Conduct training for the personnel and provides more in depth training as needed and assistance in interpreting practical issues related to the Code of Conduct and other operating guidelines.

Take a look at Ilmarinen's Code of Conduct.

Sustainable customer work

Sustainable customer work means following sustainable practices in customer acquisition and the treatment of all customers justly and fairly and in a manner that does not result in unjust benefits to anyone. We comply with good insurance practices in our operations.

Sustainable customer work encompasses also offering well-being at work services based on actual disability risk of our client companies' personnel. Well-being at work activities must be appropriate and effective and therefore we also monitor the impacts of our wellbeing at work projects systematically.

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Data protection

Data protection at Ilmarinen, generally speaking, means the non-disclosure of personal and company data. For us, data protection is especially important due to the large volumes of data we process and its confidential nature.

Application of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which enters into force in May 2018, will considerably change the obligations related to information security. By information security, we mean matters per­taining to data protection and data security. Data protection concerns the processing of natural persons’ personal data and the pro­tection of privacy. Personal data is considered to be any information that can be directly or indirectly linked to an individual. The personal data we process relates, for example, to insured persons, pensioners and our employ­ees. In addition to data protection pertaining to personal data, we also comply with confi­dentiality regulations. These concern not only personal data, but also information pertaining to companies and their trade secrets.

To our data protection procedures include, among other things, the identification of users through user IDs and passwords, access control and granting user rights based solely on work tasks.

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