The following terms apply to all Web pages and services published in Ilmarinen’s open information network. Some of the services published in Ilmarinen’s open information network require a written agreement between the client and Ilmarinen. These services also include special terms.   

General terms for using Ilmarinen’s Web pages and services on the network

The use of Ilmarinen’s Web pages and services on the network (Network Services) requires you to commit to the following terms. Please familiarise yourself with these terms before you use Ilmarinen’s Network Services. If you do not accept the terms in full you will not be entitled to use the Network Services.  Any documents and services found on the pages may also contain special terms. Where Ilmarinen’s services contain special terms, the special terms are applied primarily and these general terms are applied secondarily.

Service provider’s liability

Ilmarinen is not in any way liable for the content or accuracy of the information on the Network Services. The information and material provided by the Network Services cannot be regarded as a binding offer, suggestion or commitment on Ilmarinen’s part. The information on the Network Services is mainly general in nature and Ilmarinen cannot ensure that it applies to all individual cases. Ilmarinen is not in any way responsible for the content of pages to which the Ilmarinen’s Network Services provide links and which have been constructed or published by a party other than Ilmarinen.


The content of Ilmarinen’s Network Services belongs to Ilmarinen and the copyright to the material on the pages belongs to Ilmarinen or other content providers. Even partially copying, using, reproducing, revising, citing, forwarding or other utilisation in any form is forbidden without Ilmarinen’s written consent, unless the pages expressly permit such use in connection with specific material. Infringement of copyright may result in a penalty and damages.

The above mentioned limitation does not apply to storing some of the information on the Network Services on a personal computer or printing of material when it is intended for the personal use of a private individual. When citing contents from the page, source information must always be included.

Any work of visual art found on Ilmarinen’s Network Services must not be saved on computer hard disks or diskettes, used in a data network, or copied without official permission from the copyright holders. The art work must not be copied on paper, slides or any other material without written permission from the copyright holders.

Limitation of risk

Ilmarinen is not liable for any loss caused by using Ilmarinen’s Network Services when the loss is directed at other than Ilmarinen’s title or copyright or other third-party rights.

Ilmarinen is also not liable for the functionality, the use or loss caused by the inoperability of any texts, pictures, sound files, animations, links or other services published on the Network Services, nor for the data security risks they may cause for the user.

Ilmarinen reserves the right to change the usage terms, content and layout of its Network Services, to shut down an individual service or prevent a user from entering the pages at any time. Ilmarinen is entitled at any time, without notice, to limit or terminate its service due to e.g. maintenance and updating.

The above mentioned limitations of risk relate to all direct or indirect loss regardless of the basis of the claim or Ilmarinen’s negligence.

Personal data

Ilmarinen handles personal data carefully and in accordance with the law, and ensures that privacy protection is realised in all personal data handling. In services that require registration, data is stored in Ilmarinen’s person register and the information is only used for purposes specified in the registration terms.

Obligation for diligence

The use of Ilmarinen’s Network Services obliges to diligence when confidential information is handled in accordance with the sensitive nature of the information.


Ilmarinen cannot ensure the confidentiality of messages sent over the open information network. Users should avoid sending confidential information by e-mail. In Ilmarinen’s Network Services that require identification, connection and communication are SSL protected.

Only with the customer’s consent will Ilmarinen send confidential information to an e-mail address or a mobile phone address provided by the customer. Ilmarinen is not liable for any loss caused by messages sent in the open information network.

Data transfer

The arrival and content accuracy of information drafted using the Network Services is always the responsibility of the user. The user is also responsible for the consequence of incorrect information drafted and used. Ilmarinen may ask the user to resend information.

Other conditions

Ilmarinen may collect, handle and analyse data concerning use, traffic, transactions and other statistical data concerning the Network Services. Ilmarinen may also acquire such information from reliable third parties.