Positive pension decision

The pension decision you received shows you how much pension you will receive, what your pension consists of and when you will start receiving it. Your pension is taxed in a different way than earned income. Therefore, you should order a new tax card for pension.

  1. 1. Receiving a pension decision

    When you have sent us your pension application, we will start processing it. You can track the processing of your application in the MyPension service.

    Once we have processed your application, we will send you a text message. You can view the pension decision and pension calculation in the MyPension service. They will also be sent to you by post to the address you indicated in your pension application.

  2. 2. Order a tax card for pension

    Once you have received your pension decision, order a new tax card for pension from the tax authority. The tax authority will send the tax card to us at your request. For rehabilitation allowance, you need a tax card for a benefit.

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  3. 3. You start receiving pension

    Your first pension will be paid into your account within around one week of when you receive a pension decision. If your pension is not starting immediately, you will receive your pension on the first banking day of the month in which your pension starts.

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  4. 4. Earnings-related pension card

    You will receive an earnings-related pension card when you are granted an old-age pension, a full disability pension or a years-of-service pension. You will receive the pension card within approximately two weeks of the pension decision.

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