Did you receive a negative rehabilitation decision?

If you applied for vocational rehabilitation from us and received a negative decision, find out about the other options for returning to work.

Negative decision 

The decision on your application at Ilmarinen is based on the assessment of both our specialist physicians and our rehabilitation specialists. When making a decision on your application, we take into account your specific situation.

At Ilmarinen, we can only support rehabilitation that is aimed at allowing you to continue in or return to a job that is suitable for your state of health. Your decision specifies why we were not able to grant vocational rehabilitation to you.

Arrangements at work

If you have a valid employment relationship, discuss with your employer and occupational health care service what other options are available to you for continuing at work or returning to work. The other options for you could include, for example, Kela’s partial sickness allowance or a work trial in accordance with the Occupational Health Care Act.

You can appeal the decision

You can appeal the decision if it is negative or you are otherwise dissatisfied with it. Appeal the decision in writing within 30 days of receiving it.

The instructions for appeal are provided with the decision. Read them to find out what to do. The most important instructions are available on this page>