Press release 13.9.2022

Ilmarinen’s energy saving tips reach over 15,000 people

Ilmarinen is part of the ‘Astetta alemmas’ energy saving campaign. “We save energy in our premises and provide our employees and tenants with energy saving tips. Responsible measures reduce the carbon footprint of our real estate,” says Tomi Aimonen, Head of Domestic Real Estate Investments.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is restricting energy availability and raising energy prices. That is why Europe needs ways to save energy and phase out non-renewable energy sources. In Finland, this is being achieved through the Astetta alemmas (A degree lower) campaign, coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

“As a major employer, developer and lessor, we did not hesitate to become involved with the Astetta alemmas campaign, and because of our size, our involvement has a real impact,” says Tomi Aimonen, Ilmarinen’s Head of Domestic Real Estate Investments.

“This concerns all of us in our personal lives, work, studies and as service users. Even though one person’s impact seems small, together we can make a big reduction in energy consumption,” Aimonen says.

Measures at Ilmarinen’s Helsinki office – same guidelines for office tenants

Ilmarinen has large office premises in Helsinki. Not only Ilmarinen’s personnel work there, but also people from many other organisations. Ilmarinen additionally owns more than one hundred business, office, warehouse and other properties, where around 8,500 people work.

Energy has been saved in the long term by using opportunities offered by modern technology, including the optimisation of properties’ conditions through remote control. Ilmarinen is a signatory in a Finnish energy efficiency agreement for business premises.

“In September, we began reducing energy consumption even further. We provide our tenants with guidance on how to use energy effectively. All of the measures ensure that the premises’ indoor air conditions are healthy and safe,” Aimonen explains. He lists the measures:

  • We optimise the indoor temperatures of business premises, ensuring health and safety.
  • We reduce the temperature of facilities that are used less, such as warehouses, corridors, stairwells and parking facilities, to the minimum level.
  • We optimise the functioning of ventilation systems and take into account the functioning of heat recovery systems in particular.
  • We minimise lighting in our real estate as far as is possible and safe. We turn off facade lighting, among other things.

Ilmarinen’s energy saving guidelines for its employees and tenants

Ilmarinen owns about 5,000 rental flats, which house some 6,000 tenants. Ilmarinen has around 600 employees.

“We provide our employees and tenants with practical instructions on how to save energy easily. Our guidelines benefit the tenants, but also the whole of Finland, as electricity and heating costs are lower than they would be without the energy saving measures,” Aimonen says.

“We believe that people will really use these tips because the prices of electricity and heating have gone up dramatically.”

The guidelines will be distributed in residential properties to each flat and through the tenant portal, on Ilmarinen’s website and social media channels, websites and communicated personally in Ilmarinen’s premises. The guidelines are a summary of Motiva’s materials (in Finnish).

Phasing out non-renewable energy sources

Ilmarinen has long worked on combatting climate change and on phasing out non-renewable energy sources.

“As Finland’s largest investor, we are able to make a difference. Our goal is to achieve a carbon-neutral investment portfolio by the end of 2035,” says Aimonen.

What is the Astetta alemmas campaign?

Astetta alemmas is a campaign coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the main partners for which are Motiva (the State’s sustainable development company), the Finnish Energy Authority, the Ministry of the Environment, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. A further 140 organisations are also involved.

The campaign will begin in earnest during the energy saving week beginning on 10 October 2022, but Ilmarinen, for example, has already begun its energy saving measures. The campaign’s goal is for at least three quarters of Finns to save on energy and for energy consumption to fall in the long term.

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Tomi Aimonen, Head of Domestic Real Estate Investments, +358 10 284 3835
Niina Nurminen, Construction Manager, +358 10 284 3867

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