News 20.6.2023

Self-employed person, did you get a YEL income recommendation from us?

We will be sending out new YEL income recommendations for the first group of our self-employed customers in June. What’s it all about?

The amended Self-Employed Person’s Pensions Act (YEL) took effect at the start of this year. Going forward, we will review your YEL income every three years to ensure that it is up to date. This way we ensure that you receive the pension and social security you earned from your work as a self-employed person.

What is a YEL income recommendation?

Pension companies use a shared calculation service ( that gives the recommended YEL income for self-employed persons. The recommendation is based on, among other things, the median salary and turnover of your industry and allows for a leeway of +/- 30 per cent. Going forward, every three years we will review whether your YEL income meets the recommendation. If your earned income does not meet the recommendation, we will send you a new YEL income recommendation.

The intention is not to increase a self-employed persons’ insurance contributions unreasonably. We will take into account your own view of what a suitable YEL income is for you. The YEL income decision requires comprehensive deliberation, which we can do together.

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What to do

When you receive a YEL income recommendation

  1. Think about what you think your YEL income should be.
  2. Remember that the YEL income recommendation allows for a leeway of +/- 30 per cent.
  3. If the suitable YEL income for you is within the leeway, accept the recommendation in our online service.
  4. If you disagree with the recommendation, reject the recommendation and answer the additional questions.

If you have not yet received a YEL income recommendation

  1. We make YEL income recommendations a few at a time. We will send you a message when we have reviewed your situation.
  2. You can change your YEL income on your own initiative in our online service. If you change your YEL income substantially, you probably will not receive a separate YEL income recommendation from us.

Check your YEL income and your situation in our online service.

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