News 28.9.2022

Ilmarinen preparing for possible power outages

The Europe-wide electricity shortage is also forcing Finland to save energy. As a responsible developer and lessor, Ilmarinen is preparing for possible power outages carefully and well ahead of time.

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is increasing the price of energy and reducing its availability. That compels us to find ways to save energy and phase out non-renewable energy sources. Ilmarinen has joined one of the platforms where this work is being carried out in Finland – the ´Down a degree’ campaign coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Ilmarinen owns approximately 130 properties: residential properties, office buildings and warehouses. The power systems of all Ilmarinen’s properties are serviced and tested in accordance with regulations, with the aim of reducing risk in extreme situations.

What does the threat of an electricity shortage involve?

Finland’s transmission system operator has a three-tier procedure in place for a possible electricity shortage, which describes the severity of the situation:

  1. electricity shortage possible
  2. high risk of electricity shortage
  3. electricity shortage.

Finland has never reached any of those phases, but in the coming winter, an electricity shortage is possible.

An electricity shortage is considered to have arisen when imports and production are not enough to cover consumption. If this happens, the consumption of electricity must be limited, and regional power cuts may be necessary.

Fingrid also communicates that, in the event of an electricity shortage, power outages affecting consumers will be used as the last resort. A number of other measures, such as starting up reserve power plants, will have been taken before resorting to possible power outages. Each individual can make a difference by saving electricity.

What will be done in Ilmarinen’s real estate?

The measures under the Astetta alemmas campaign have already been introduced in Ilmarinen’s properties, including lowering the indoor temperature. The goal is to reduce energy consumption especially during critical consumption peaks in the properties. This is our contribution to reducing the need for power outages in Finland.

We will inform the property representative (account manager, real estate manager, building manager) of any measures carried out in the building that will affect the consumption of electricity. They will inform the residents and other building users.

What can a tenant do to prepare for possible power outages?

Each individual must also prepare for power outages by monitoring and following general instructions, such as the instructions provided by Finland’s transmission system operator Fingrid (, in Finnish) and the state’s sustainable development company Motiva (

Make sure you are able to get your electric devices and systems up and running after a possible power outage yourself or that someone can help you restart them.

The account managers, real estate managers and building managers are happy to provide any additional information. Make sure you have the contact details for one of them.

More information

Niina Nurminen, Construction Manager, +358 10 284 3867

Ilmarinen’s measures within the Down a degree campaign


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