News 27.9.2023

Ilmarinen’s administrative cost will decrease 20% in 2024 – As our customer, you benefit right away!

At the start of next year, Ilmarinen’s administrative cost will decrease by roughly 20 per cent. The administrative cost is part of the TyEL insurance contribution, and in that respect, your TyEL contribution will decrease.

The price of earnings-related pension insurance is influenced by the sector’s common TyEL contribution as well as, among other things, company-specific contribution components. These consist of the administrative cost, which affects the monthly earnings-related pension contribution, and the client bonus, which is returned to customers annually.

The total contribution level for 2024 is not yet known. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will confirm the basic TyEL contribution in mid-November. We will provide news and information about next year’s contributions once they have been confirmed.

As Ilmarinen’s customer, you will continue to benefit from our efficiency and solvency – part of our good result belongs to our customers, i.e. our owners.

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You can see an estimate of your insurance contribution rate in our online service.


What is the administrative cost?

As of the start of 2023, the administrative cost has been determined on a company-specific basis. The administrative cost is the part of the pension contribution that is used to cover a pension company’s operating costs. It has a rather modest impact on the earnings-related pension contribution. For Ilmarinen’s customers in 2024, it will be no more than 0.20 per cent of the payroll.

Previously, any surplus administrative costs were returned to customers the following year as part of client bonuses. In future, since each pension insurance company will collect only the required amount of administrative costs, no systematic surplus will arise. Therefore, in 2024, client bonuses will be determined solely on the basis of solvency capital and will decrease in all pension insurance companies correspondingly.

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And what about solvency capital?

One per cent of a pension company’s solvency capital is credited to customers. Client bonuses have accrued under the new model since 2023 and will be credited to customers’ pension contributions in 2024. 

Ilmarinen’s strong solvency is the result of long-term investment operations and good investment returns. Ilmarinen’s investment returns increased to 3.7 per cent in the first half of the year. The company’s solvency strengthened and cost-effectiveness continued to improve despite the high inflation and uncertain economic development.

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News 5.3.2024

Employer, you can see the client bonuses online

We have calculated the final client bonuses reducing the TyEL contribution and they are available in the online service as of March 5th. Our further improved cost-effectiveness is directly reflected in smaller pension contributions for our employer customers.

Employer, you can see the client bonuses online

News 19.12.2023

We are introducing e-Identification for employers

We will start using e-Identification in the employer’s online service as of 19 December 2023. This means that, starting on that date, you will be able to log in to the service using your personal online banking codes or a mobile certificate. For that purpose, you will need either a register role or a mandate granted in e-Authorizations.

We are introducing e-Identification for employers
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